Sergey Ermilov, Ph.D.


Co-founder and CEO, Sergey Ermilov, PhD, possesses a combined 34 years of world class expertise in biomedical optics and biomedical photoacoustics. He led many successful development projects for biomedical photoacoustic technologies including real-time imaging systems based on a hybrid combination of 2D photoacoustics, 2D ultrasound and 3D photoacoustic tomography. Dr. Ermilov’s scientific expertise and interests in the field of biomedical photoacoustics include system development, imaging algorithms, computer modeling, and theory. At PhotoSound, he leads the R&D efforts on preclinical in vivo imaging instrumentation.

Hans Peter Brecht, Ph.D.


Co-founder and COO, Hans-Peter Brecht, PhD, specializes in non-invasive optoacoustic detection, custom optoacoustic transducer design and fabrication and the development of new data acquisition and signal processing technology. In past employment, he led teams in the design of small animal optoacoustic imaging systems for research in drug delivery and blood distribution monitoring. Dr. Brecht also worked in the field of optics and laser systems for the development of acousto-optic imaging system and Raman‑based Lidar systems. At PhotoSound he manages daily production operations as well as the mechanical design department.

Vassili Ivanov, Ph.D.


Co-founder and CTO, Vassili Ivanov, PhD, academic experience spans the area of in vitro reconstruction of minimal biological systems to fluorescence lifetime correlation spectroscopy systems. After transition from academia to industry, Dr. Ivanov moved his specialty to highly parallel multichannel data acquisition units for the detection of small signals at the signal to noise level close to the thermodynamic limit of electric noise in the presence of strong EMI sources (for example, high power pulsed lasers used for photoacoustics). At PhotoSound, Dr. Ivanov develops novel analog to digital stages for data acquisition, motion control, power distribution and control systems.

Chris Reed

​Director of Sales and Business Development

Chris Reed is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in the preclinical imaging sector. His knowledge base pulls from experiences in basic research oncology laboratories, field engineering, and field sales roles focused on capitol equipment and scientific services. Most of his career was developed around the IVIS imaging system, a gold standard product. He has worked in start-up size companies to bring novel technologies to market and also have worked with, internationally recognized corporations including Perkin Elmer and Covance/LabCorp. Currently, Chris serves as the Director of Sales and Business Development leading all things encompassing within the in vivo division and bringing to market a novel photoacoustic and optical imaging system at PhotoSound Technologies.