PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. was founded in September 2015 in Houston, Texas USA to develop and manufacture new imaging products and technologies. Deriving it’s name from Alexander Graham Bell’s discovery of the production of sound by light, PhotoSound excels in research, development and manufacturing of specialized equipment for biomedical applications based on photoacoustics. The company developed and patented the first commercially available 3D imaging instrument based on co-registered Photoacoustic Fluorescence Tomography (PAFT) and manufactures unique data acquisition systems with up to 256 channels on a single board with the ability to run up to four boards in parallel.

Engineers and application scientists at PhotoSound possess some of the best expertise in the market with skills in development of biomedical systems and associated software, including imaging instrumentation, complex electronic boards for data acquisition and control, transducers, sensors and tunable lasers. PhotoSound has active NIH SBIR research projects and extensively collaborates with academic institutions worldwide on the development of technologies associated with biomedical photoacoustics. On the commercial side, all employees at PhotoSound are committed to provide every customer with the highest quality products and services with short delivery times and competitive pricing.